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Does Baby Powder Cure Diaper Rash?

There are many different old wives’ tales out there to cure common ailments such as diaper rash, but what you may not realize is that they’re actually making the situation worse.

One tale says that using baby powder will actually cure diaper rash. For a long time, many mothers used this as a cure for diaper rash, and some people will still tell you today that it is the best solution. What they don’t realize is that baby powder actually does the opposite of what is necessary to cure diaper rash.

Baby powder, and most other types of powders, is actually drying to the skin, although it doesn’t appear to do so initially, with continued use it will dry the skin, and then your babies skin will be unable to quickly recover from the diaper rash. Diaper rash requires thick and rich moisture in order to be cured and soothed.

Baby Butz cream is specially designed to be thick and contains rich moisture to not only cure your baby’s diaper rash, but also sooth your child’s skin while it is healing. The thick, creamy consistency enables it to adhere to the skin so that it not only protects from diaper rash, but to also heal it.

By applying Baby Butz cream to your child’s rash it will immediately stop the pain associated with the rash, that alone is really important. Not only will Baby Butz heal diaper rash, but if you apply the cream at every diaper change will guarantee your baby will never develop diaper rash again.

Just because it’s been a home remedy for so long does not mean it’s a reliable cure, or that it is natural either. If you’re looking for something that is 100% natural to instantly get rid of your baby’s raw and red skin, then give up on the baby powder and try our 100% guaranteed Baby Butz cream. Trust me, you’re baby will thank you for it.

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