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Woman of Many Roles – Review

All my children have sensitive skin and thus have always been susceptible to diaper rashes.  Effective over-the-counter treatments have been hard to find, and prescription creams are expensive and not always convenient to acquire.  Baby Butz cream has been a lifesaver!

Click here for the full review

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Canadian Paediatric Conference


I am heading off to Edmonton, Alberta to attend the Canadian Paediatric Conference. I will be introducing my Baby Butz cream to the Canadian Paediatricians in attendance. More and more Doctors are recommending Baby Butz cream to their patients because it’s made with all-natural ingredients, licensed by Health Canada with an NPN  (Natural Product Number) and is the safest and most effective diaper rash rash available without a prescription, AND,  it’s Made In Canada!

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Dragon’s Den Audition

I auditioned for the Dragon’s Den and pitched my product Baby Butz cream to a couple of the show’s associate producers…. *fingers crossed*

Did I do a good enough job explaining how well Baby Butz cream works? I had 5 min to pitch…we all did.

There were about 40 businesses represented by their inventors/owners. Some really interesting ones, some not so interesting…but then again…what makes diaper rash cream interesting?

I wonder if I was entertaining enough to capture their attention. Was my story compelling enough?

Pictures would work, but if I were to show pictures of Demitri’s poor butt the way it used to look like raw hamburger, I would be classified as a bad mother. As much as I want to show people how well the product works I certainly don’t want to stop using this cream just to take those pictures in fear of repeating the days of pain and misery for my child and me.

So, while it would be awesome to get called to do the pitch in front of the Dragons and get national exposure, it’s just as awesome knowing that Baby Butz cream is being used in Hospitals NICU wards, Pediatricians are recommending to their patients, moms are talking to moms and that it’s helping so many people.

Even if I never sold another jar of Baby Butz cream, I would still be making it for my son.

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Babies And Bedtime Fussiness

If your baby is very young or a new born then it is expected that they will get up many times at night.  However in the case of older babies, it may not be acceptable for your baby to be fussy and not sleeping through the night. It is very frustrating for you if your baby goes to sleep after a great deal of effort and then keeps waking up frequently. It is a big achievement if your baby sleeps uninterrupted throughout the night. However, if your baby is not sleeping well then there could be many reasons why. You and your family might want to start thinking about your day time activities and how these could be affecting the sleeping pattern.

The baby’s biological clock is not yet set up and if you don’t set a routine for them they find it difficult to settle down. Thus following a fixed pattern can help with that. They will begin to understand when they are supposed to play and when to sleep and so on. When they are small we help them by setting a routine and then we try to follow the routine as close as possible. For instance, in the mornings they might learn that it is bath, then feed, and then play. At evening they might learn that a story, feed and then lullaby is bedtime routine. Thus, if you follow this pattern for a while then the kids start remembering it.

You could also keep track of the times that your baby has slept during the day. The baby may not go to bed at night because he may not be tired enough. They have to play sufficiently to make them tired by the end of the day. You can also help them in discovering new things and stimulate them during the day. If you don’t think they are doing enough of that, then you may have to change your own habits. Then your baby might then sleep soundly at night.

When it comes to nap-time during the day it varies with the age of the baby, and their individual needs. Keep an eye on when they nap and for how long, and how it may be affecting your babies night time routine.

Sometimes getting out of the house, and being exposed to new surroundings is helpful. You may take the little one to your friend’s house, or to a park or even to the shopping mall. Your baby loves change and is stimulated by it. They like to see new things, and the stimulation is tiring for them. Thus, they sleep well at night. With the passage of time their bed time fussiness will go away and you will not have to bother about it anymore. That is the best part of it all.

If all of this doesn’t work, or if you have a gut feeling that there is something else going on perhaps you need to discuss it with your paediatrician. Make sure to let them know all the things that you have tried and to make note of anything that is causing your internal alarm to be triggered.  Things like irritability if laying on one particular side - perhaps even while nursing or feeding, or if your baby is startled while sleeping even when it is quiet.

You know your baby better than anyone else and you will know if there is something that is making you uncomfortable.

We would love to hear about any tips and tricks that you have tried that have worked for you.  I bet there are other mothers who would be grateful for your insight.  Please leave your comments below.


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How to Ease Your Baby’s Painful Diaper Rash

Your Baby’s Reaction To Diaper Rash

Without remembering what it’s like to have diaper rash as a baby, it can be hard to understand just how painful and irritating diaper rash can be. Itchy, raw, and painful are just a few words that describe this condition.

Diaper rash can be very mild, from just a few red spots to a full blown case where you notice your baby’s bottom is covered in a raised red rash that appears to have spread all over.

Try to remember a rash, such as poison ivy that you’ve had in the past, or even try to remember a time when something such as clothing that was  too tight irritated your skin. It becomes dry, red, and itchy, and all you want to do is scratch and get rid of the pain.

This is what diaper rash does to babies, but it is worse because it’s on the most sensitive area of their body, and they can’t scratch it. The fact that they don’t know why they are in pain just aggravates the situation. The redder looking it is, the worse it feels to your baby.

This is why it’s important that if you notice signs of diaper rash, to take action immediately by using a cream such as Baby Butz right away to help calm your baby’s diaper rash symptoms. Your baby is relying on you to help them feel better and to relieve them from the pain of diaper rash. You know what to do when you have a rash; you’re all your baby has. If diaper rash persists, and Baby Butz Cream cannot heal the skin, it may be a yeast infection, a visit to your Doctor is recommended.

You can also use Baby Butz diaper rash cream at every change to guarantee that your child will never develop diaper rash again.

Do you have a story about your baby’s diaper rash and how you were able to cure it with Baby Butz diaper rash cream? Please tell us in the comments below.

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I recommend Baby Butz to everyone

We met at the women of distinction awards. You have truly changed my life and the lives of my children. I recommend Baby Butz to everyone even my children’s Pediatrician and even buy it for gifts. You are my hero and I was so happy to meet you. You truly understand what it feels like to look at your child and have no help or answers and now you gave us one. I cannot wait to see the other things you have in store and you will always be my hero.

Kaylene Huff

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What’s In Your Diaper Bag?

Diaper Bag essentials.


Yesterday we were talking about this very subject on Facebook, and there were such great ideas that we thought it would make a great blog post.

The ideas that were supplied by you as well as some of the things that we thought of are listed below:


Baby wipes: Have travel-sized packs on hand to clean baby after a change, and to wash faces and hands after a snack or a meal.

Blanket: receiving blankets are always handy for wrapping up baby, burp cloths and of course if it is cooler weather bringing an extra warm blanket is always a good idea.

Bottles, formula and ice packs: If you bottle feed baby (whether it’s formula or breast milk), be sure you pack a couple of bottles (and ice packs) in case baby gets hungry, you never know when you could get delayed and being prepared will help make your unexpected delay less stressful.

Burp cloth: If you use special burp cloths bring an extra you never know who you may meet up with and you will have a fresh clean cloth for your friend.

Cell phone with paediatrician’s number: A cell phone is a wonderful tool to have with you when you are out and about, but the most important thing to do with your phone is make sure all your important phone numbers are programmed in your cell phone.  If you need to make an emergency call you won’t have to try to remember a phone number.

Change of clothes: Packing an extra outfit or two is almost essential, you never know what kind of mess you might find yourself in :)

Change pad: By bringing a change pad, you will be guaranteed that you always have a clean area to change your baby.

Diapers: This one should be implied, we didn’t think to add it to the list till much later in the Facebook conversation. Generally if you pack one diaper for every hour that you are gone for, then you should be okay.

Diaper rash cream: Only the best will do for your precious little one, so make sure you have a jar of Baby Butz cream.

Extra pacifiers: If your baby uses them, you won’t want to be caught without one if they throw it out of the stroller, or it gets lost in the car seat.

Medications: If your baby is currently taking something make sure you have it with you.  Also mentioned was gripe water and prune juice.

Plastic bags: Also mentioned by you was the need for plastic bags for soiled diapers, and for leaky bottles too.

Playthings: Toys were also mentioned, and they could be small items such as teething rings or rattles.

Snacks: Healthy snacks (such as almonds, dried fruit, carrot sticks, etc.) will keep you from splurging on chocolate and chips when you’re out and about, and finger foods and juice boxes for your older child can be helpful as well.

Sunscreen: Babies older than six months should wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Don’t forget to put it on your wee one even in winter months

Water: Water is important for you to keep yourself hydrated, but also to use with a corner of your receiving blanket for quick cleanups of you, your child, or their toys.

Hand Sanitizer: Having hand sanitizer in your diaper bag can save you when you find yourself in a location where soap and water are not available.

Mosquito Netting: This is great in the summer to have to put over your baby’s stroller when you are out during times when there are a lot of mosquitoes.  Keep your baby safe.

Kleenex: Runny noses, sneezing, sniffling and to be used as a napkin in a pinch, Kleenex can be a life saver.

Do you have anything in your diaper bag that we have missed, or perhaps we mentioned something that you never thought of.  Please leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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Trusted By Doctors

Testimonial from Doctor Janet Grabowski:

I am the Pediatrician who has cared for Demitri since birth. Unfortunately, Demitri has significant medical issues and is unable to take food by mouth. He needs to be fed a liquid diet by a tube that goes into his stomach. He is fed overnight. He is also unable to do his own toileting, therefore must be in a diaper.

Demitri’s mother, Majda, developed a cream specifically to help Demitri’s significant diaper rashes. Because of his feeds overnight, he has a wet and dirty diaper every morning and was getting very signiciant rashes. None of the typical diaper rash creams helped him. The cream Demitri’s mother developed, however, has kept the skin in his diaper healthy. Since she has been using it, Demitri has never come in with a diaper rash. Mother has also used it around the site where his feeding tube goes into his stomach and the skin in this area has also always looked healthy since she started using her cream.

Majda has now developed and is marketing this cream as Baby Butz and because of its success with Demitri I am recommending it to my patients.



Janet Grabowski, B.Sc.(Med.), M.D.,

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