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Do You Know Where It’s Made? Do you Care?

Have you stopped to think about where the products are made that you purchase?

There have been many times lately where people have made reference to buying locally or supporting brands who support local businesses. What we have found is that there are many products that most of you would assume were made in Canada or the United States, but in fact they are made in China, India, Taiwan or Mexico.

Next time you are at the store take a few minutes to check out the items that you buy, compare the brand names with the off brand names you might just be surprised. Here are some items that we have heard about.

Made Elsewhere:

  • Pickles with the Presidents Choice label and the No Name yellow label from Superstore are made in India
  • Hose attachments at Lowes were made in China
  • Colgate toothpaste made in Mexico
  • GE Lightbulbs made in Mexico
  • Bick’s Pickles made in Mexico
  • Some of Avon products are made in China
  • Del Monte is packaged in Taiwan
  • Dole is product of China

Made In Canada:

  • Home Hardware hose attachments
  • Crest Toothpaste
  • Everyday Value bulbs from Wal-Mart made in Canada
  • Equate products from Wal-Mart made in Canada
  • Ravine canned mushrooms made in Canada
  • E.D. Smith made in Canada
  • Baby Butz diaper cream made in Canada

If you know of other products please let us know. Choosing to purchase locally will help to save jobs and strengthen the economy. This list of products is only a guideline, and we suggest that you personally check the labels of all the products that you are interested in purchasing. The job you save may be your own or your neighbour’s'! (Your children & grandchildren, also.)

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My Son Can Not Use Anything Else

This cream is excellent, my son can not use anything else but Baby Butz! Thanks Teri G

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Now Available at Sobeys

Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream Now Available at Sobeys!

We are excited to let you in on our latest edition!

We have been working in the background to make Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream more available for you! Sobeys has agreed to join us in getting this amazing diaper rash cream in your neighbourhoods.


For those of you who have been struggling to find a local place to purchase Baby Butz cream we have been working on finding solutions for you. This is one of many things to come, and we will be looking forward to bringing you more additions moving forward.

When you go to your local Sobeys look for Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream. If you don’t see it on the shelf please ask for it by name they might not have received their shipment yet. It will let them know that you are interested in the product and it could speed up the distribution to your area.

We have other distributors that we are working on as well and we need your help. We would like to serve you better by making sure that your children benefit from never having a diaper rash ever again. Please fill out this quick survey on Facebook and let us know where it would be convenient for you to purchase Baby Butz.

Please Click Here To Share Your Opinion

Thank you so much for sharing your opinion with us.


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Photo Contest Results

July was a fun month to host the Summer Photo Contest.

We enjoyed watching the pictures come in and the voting that was occurring. Many of you shared your photos with family and friends and there was a tight race to the finish.

As we announced on our Facebook Wall Yesterday – Here is the winning photo:

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, from the entrants to the friends and families that voted for your images.

We wanted to share all the other photos that were entered into the contest as well.










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Photo Contest

We have begun our Summer Photo Contest and we would like to invite you to participate.

Make your way to our Facebook Page and enter your own image or vote for someone elses.

Contest is open to all Canadian Residents and will run till July 31st – the faster you enter the more time you will have to collect votes.

The picture with the most votes at the end of the contest will win.

$100.00 Gift Certificate to West Coast Kids!


a Large Jar of Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream

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What Else Can I Use Baby Butz Cream For?

Other Uses of Baby Butz Cream

You may think that tub of Baby Butz cream is only good to help get rid of your baby’s diaper rash, and while that is the solution it is marketed for, you can use it for many other things, including for yourself.

If you have any Baby Butz cream left after your baby’s diaper rash is gone, try the following:

• It works as a great remedy to eczema, both on children and adults.

• It’s especially good for heat rashes.
• Use it on dry elbows, dry cracked heels and other patches of scaly skin for moisture and relief.
• Use it as a complete sun block
• It stops the itching from bug bites, poison ivy, poison oak, etc

These are only some the things you can use your Baby Butz cream for, in addition to its main purpose of curing your baby’s diaper rash. We’d love to hear of any other uses you may have for this super thick cream.

Please leave us a comment letting us know what you have used Baby Butz Cream for.

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2012 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

More than a decade ago, I had the great pleasure of wearing the wrist corsage at the VIP Reception and having my photo taken as a nominee for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (WEYA). It was truly one of the most exciting days of my life. My business partner at the time had secretly brought my brother to Canada to attend the awards banquet and his sudden appearance at lunch was a tremendous surprise. Having staff, friends and family in attendance at an event where one is honored, even just by being nominated, is breathtaking and unforgettable.


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Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award -2012 Winner- Lifetime Achievement

The WBOM (Women’s Business Owners of Manitoba) has chosen Majda Ficko, owner of the Hair Do Zoo (25 years in business) and owner of Olen Cosmetics Corporation (manufacturer of all natural products and Baby Butz cream) for winning the prestigious award of Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Lifetime Achievement.


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I recommend Baby Butz to everyone

We met at the women of distinction awards. You have truly changed my life and the lives of my children. I recommend Baby Butz to everyone even my children’s Pediatrician and even buy it for gifts. You are my hero and I was so happy to meet you. You truly understand what it feels like to look at your child and have no help or answers and now you gave us one. I cannot wait to see the other things you have in store and you will always be my hero.

Kaylene Huff

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Does Baby Powder Cure Diaper Rash?

There are many different old wives’ tales out there to cure common ailments such as diaper rash, but what you may not realize is that they’re actually making the situation worse.

One tale says that using baby powder will actually cure diaper rash. For a long time, many mothers used this as a cure for diaper rash, and some people will still tell you today that it is the best solution. What they don’t realize is that baby powder actually does the opposite of what is necessary to cure diaper rash.

Baby powder, and most other types of powders, is actually drying to the skin, although it doesn’t appear to do so initially, with continued use it will dry the skin, and then your babies skin will be unable to quickly recover from the diaper rash. Diaper rash requires thick and rich moisture in order to be cured and soothed.

Baby Butz cream is specially designed to be thick and contains rich moisture to not only cure your baby’s diaper rash, but also sooth your child’s skin while it is healing. The thick, creamy consistency enables it to adhere to the skin so that it not only protects from diaper rash, but to also heal it.

By applying Baby Butz cream to your child’s rash it will immediately stop the pain associated with the rash, that alone is really important. Not only will Baby Butz heal diaper rash, but if you apply the cream at every diaper change will guarantee your baby will never develop diaper rash again.

Just because it’s been a home remedy for so long does not mean it’s a reliable cure, or that it is natural either. If you’re looking for something that is 100% natural to instantly get rid of your baby’s raw and red skin, then give up on the baby powder and try our 100% guaranteed Baby Butz cream. Trust me, you’re baby will thank you for it.

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