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Krazy Coupon Club – Review




I was simply amazed at how quickly the cream seemed to help her problem, but Kai’s next diaper change it had seemed to fade greatly and was almost gone. I applied it again before bed time and by morning the rash was no longer there. Now I did catch the rash fairly quickly and applied Baby Butz as soon as I noticed that a rash was appearing.

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5 All Natural Morning Sickness Solutions, Do They Work?

Baby Butz Blogger Tests Some Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

So I am pregnant again, if you haven’t heard. According to my very scientific calculation a.k.a an online due date generator I should be about 9- 10 weeks along. The word about my impending child is pretty much out there thanks to social media and my announcement on the blog. Now, whenever I run into someone they ask enthusiastically “how are you feeling?”

Asking a pregnant woman in the first trimester how she is feeling- especially when she is already looking bloated, sleep-deprived and nauseated should be illegal. Most days right now I feel like I want to curl up and nap the day away beside the toilet bowl. Having a toddler to chase and a busy work schedule to maintain has not allowed this. The morning sickness (a misleading term if there ever was one) hit literally two days after I received the positive pregnancy test and has not subsided since.

As someone who prefers natural remedies to prescribed  I instantly started looking for a natural cure for my 24/7 light-headed nauseousness. Here are my findings so far:


Ginger or Peppermint Herbal Tea

For the first few days peppermint tea seemed to work. It did soothe my tummy while I was drinking it, but need nothing for the nauseous “sea-sick” feeling that i have been coping with. Unfortunately after a few days the smell made me want to throw up.

As for the ginger tea- couldn’t even stomach it from the get go.


Nibbling On Crackers 

This works, kind of. My problem with constantly nibbling on crackers is that

1. They are so dry

2. Crackers are kind of fattening if you eat them all day.

In a pinch, I can gobble down a saltine and resist vomiting but I really don’t like crackers enough to consume the 2000 calories worth that i would have to in order to make this remedy efficient.

Water With Lemon

This has also become an excellent temporary solution for me. I’ve been keeping well hydrated carrying around a water bottle with fruit or lemon cut up. However, this doesn’t really prevent or help the sickness- it just makes it easier to cope with. Still, you really can’t get too much H20 when your pregnant.

zinc-complex-singleZinc Supplement

Here at Baby Butz diaper cream we love zinc! However, Zinc for morning sickness hasn’t worked for me- so far. I started taking 25MG of zinc daily to see if my symptoms would improve. It hasn’t appeared to make a difference yet but it can’t hurt to get a little extra zinc during pregnancy.


Fresh Air 

Out of all the natural solutions this has been the best instant fix so far. Since the weather has been nice, I have been keeping the windows open and letting the fresh air in- this has given me nearly instant relief. However, it doesn’t last. Even with regular fresh air i still feel nauseous all day. Does anything work?

So, it looks like I will be toughing this morning sickness out for a few more weeks. None of the recommended “natural” remedies have worked very well…Out of desperation I did send Mr Peters out to get me something from the pharmacy- i’ll let you know if that works.

Did you have morning sickness when you were pregnant what worked for you? Share your story on our Facebook page.

baby butz blogger profile pictureBrandie Michelle Peters is a full time blogger and work from home mom. When she isn’t writing fantastic word garble her young son Jackson and her husky Aspen keep her busy!

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Baby Butz Blogger Brandie… Ready For Round #2

Baby Butz Very Own Blogger is Expecting Another Little Baby Butt Very Soon (and hopefully the rest of the baby too!)

Since I have been blogging for Baby Butz for a couple of months now, I thought that I should share a bit of news with all of you. My husband, Justin Peters and I as well as my little son Jackson are excited to announce that we will be expecting another baby in the Fall. This is absolutely thrilling to us, as we have been “trying” for a few months. It also presents me with a unique opportunity to blog about my pregnancy experiences and share my joy with all of you Baby Butz Blog readers.

baby number 1

Thoughts On Baby #2

Part of me is actually fairly surprised that we will be adding another addition to the family. In the back of my mind it feels as if Jackson was only born a few months ago but really he is getting pretty close to being two years old! Personally, I consider this an advantage, that my kids will be close in age but also not TOO close. My husband is absolutely thrilled because he has three brothers and they are all nearly two years apart EXACTLY. I also grew up with two other siblings so I know what fun it will be for Jackson to have a little brother or sister.

Speaking of gender… I am feeling immense pressure right now for the new baby to be a little girl. However, I am not even sure if we are going to find out. I’d love to hear from other moms who didn’t find out the sex of their baby until he/she was born. Tell your story on Facebook.



Breastfeeding, Newborns, and Sleepless Nights… Oh My

As extremely excited as we are to be having another baby, I find it amazing how quickly you can forget what a newborn is like. Now that Jackson is a relatively busy little toddler who sleeps through the night and eats with a spoon- going back to the real “baby” stuff is sure going to be interesting. In only 7 short months, I’ll be back to breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and all of that other fun stuff. Although, baby number two will likely be a lot different.

As a stay at home blogger mom, I get to enjoy the unique experience of writing about my parenting experiences as they happen. Hopefully I’ll still have the energy to continue to share my stories with you while I am wrangling two little ones around!

How Many Kids Do You Have? Share Your Family Story With Us On The Baby Butz Facebook Page!

baby butz blogger profile picture

Brandie Michelle Peters is a full time blogger and work from home mom. When she isn’t writing fantastic word garble her young son Jackson and her husky Aspen keep her busy! She is current expecting her second L.O in the fall.


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Can You Treat Chicken Pox With A Diaper Rash Cream Like Baby Butz?

little box with chicken pox

photo credit: Chim Chim via photopin cc

Natural Zinc Containing Diaper Rash Cream For Chickenpox?

In our last post we were discussing some common childhood skin conditions that parents should keep a look out for. One of the increasingly less common one’s is Chickenpox. Chickenpox a spotty, itchy, blistery illness, that used to be a right of passage for most kids, has grown less commonplace now that there is a vaccine. However every now and then an infant or toddler who has not been vaccinated will come in contact with the illness and break out in the tell-take “pox” all over their body.

baby butz contains zinc

If you were lucky enough to experience chickenpox when you were young then you may recall how itchy they can be! The best way to make your child comfortable when they have the Chickenpox is to try to find ways to alleviate the itch so that they are not encouraged to itch and break the blisters. Although, itch relieving lotions and medications have been known to work, parents who are looking for a more natural solution may want to try applying Baby Butz diaper rash cream the effected areas. The zinc in the diaper cream will help to alleviate the redness and help the bumps to heal without scarring. The other ingredients help to dry the area and reduce the temptation to scratch. This remedy works on all areas of the body. Apply little dabs of Baby Butz onto each blister before bedtime and see what happens.

Itching from Chickenpox is certainly not any fun. You can help alleviate some of the discomfort that your child is experiencing with natural diaper rash cream. This is a fantastic way to help the blisters heal so your L.O does not have to suffer longer than necessary.

Shop For Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream To Help Relive Chickenpox Itch

baby butz blogger profile picture


Brandie Michelle Peters is a full time blogger and work from home mom. When she isn’t writing fantastic word garble her young son Jackson and her husky Aspen keep her busy!


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Baby Butz Health, Common Child Skin Conditions To Look Out For

todder with rash

photo credit: nathaniel s via photopin cc

Skin Conditions All Moms Need To Be Aware Of

The skin of infants and small children can be much more sensitive than that of an adult’s. If your young child, toddler, or baby frequently has unexplained rashes or skin irritations you may be concerned. Knowing how to identify common child skin conditions is a good way to ease your worry and know when a doctor’s appointment is needed. We’ve included a list of common skin conditions that are seen in little ones and how they should be treated.


Don’t worry ringworm isn’t caused by worms. It is actually a fungus that is living off of the dead skin on your child’s body (yuck, I know). The best way to treat this telltale nasty patch is with antifungal creams. If your child has ringworm you want to be careful because it can be passed on to other people or contracted from animals.

Fifth Disease

This is a rash that is caused by an illness that is similar to the flu. Typically Fifth Disease starts out with a bright red rash on the face and then spreads to the rest of the body. Other symptoms like coughing and a feeling of “un-wellness” often accompany it. The best way to treat fifth disease is with aspirin and rest.


Now that there is a vaccine for the chicken pox we do not see this spotty rash very often. However, if your L.O does get the Chickenpox chances is you will know right away when you see the telltale itchy blisters appear on their skin. Chickenpox, although normal in children, can be quite concerning for teenagers and adults. If your child gets the chickenpox try to make them comfortable as the illness plays it’s course. Grown ups that have never had the chicken pox should avoid children with chickenpox or go get vaccinated right away.

Prickly Heat Rash

A prickly heat rash looks very similar to hives or pimples and usually appears in skin crevasses or folds. This unsightly rash is caused by clogged sweat ducts and can occur in the summer or when your L.O is dressed to warmly in fabrics that cannot breathe. The best way to treat prickly heat is to let it air out. Relieve the rash by using anti-itch creams.

Contact Dermatitis (Allergies)

This is a common rash that can occur when the skin comes into contact with any material or substance that it may be sensitive to. Most dermatitis rashes will clear up over time. If they are irritated you should consult a doctor for a prescription ointment. If your child has a dermatitis rash as well as a fever or swelling, head to the E.R right away.


The cause of Eczema is not yet known, but it tends to be genetic and appear in children with other allergies or who suffer from Asthma. Moisturizing with natural lotions specifically meant to relieve Eczema is your best bet.



Brandie Michelle Peters is a full time blogger and work from home mom. When she isn’t writing fantastic word garble her young son Jackson and her husky Aspen keep her busy!

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Baby Butz: Helping Your Sick Baby Feel Better

Baby Butz Sick Baby Cuddling

photo credit: kourtlynlott via photopin cc

Advice For Helping Your Toddler or Infant Cope With Being Sick

As a first time parent one of the hardest things that I have had to deal with is when my son has been sick. It can be absolultley heartbreaking to see your L.O who is normally smiling and full of energy out of sorts and feeling unwell. Normally, one of the first signs that your baby or toddler isn’t feeling great is when they become extra cuddly and irritable. Recently, when little Jack was down with a bad cold he just wanted to lay on the couch with me and nurse on his bottle. Although this was a nice break from his usual high energy playtime seeing my little guy like this was hard.

What I learned from this is that getting through baby illnesses can be tough for both mum and child. Here are a couple of tips that can help you both get through it.

1. Throw Out The Sleep Schedule

Wake-up time, naptime and bedtime may all be altered slightly when your little one isn’t feeling well. They may take extra naps in the afternoon, have trouble going to sleep at night, or even stay in bed later than what you are used to in the morning. The best way to deal with this is to throw out the schedule and improvise until they are feeling better. Keep in mind that when your child is not feeling well them may have a harder time sleeping through the night or getting a good rest in during the day.

2. Accommodate Their Appetite

Like I mentioned above, when little Jack was last sick all he wanted was his bottle. We tried to feed him his favorite foods but he was only interested in drinking. This is actually quite common for sick children to do. Don’t worry they won’t starve themselves. Even if your child is normally a healthy eater being ill may impact their appetite. Do your best to accommodate this by offering them foods that they like but not forcing them to eat until they are ready.

3. Offer Medicine

Even if your prefer to use natural remedies for helping your child feel better, sometimes a little bit of medicine is just what the doctor ordered. Tylenol or baby aspirin can help allieviate some of their symptoms so that they can rest better, fight a fever and get back to their old selves faster. However, you should try to avoid prescription antibiotics unless your child continues to be ill for an extended period of time. This is because the over time children can build up an immunity to antibiotics and this will make them less effective later in life.

4. Comfort For Both of You

Make being sick easy for both of you by spending plenty of time together snuggling, cuddling and providing plenty of comfort. Sick time is bad enough without separation anxiety or stress. If at all possible take some time off to spend with your sick child and just take it easy. Read lots of books, sing songs, watch videos and just have an easy going sick day (or two).



Brandie Michelle Peters is a full time blogger and work from home mom. When she isn’t writing fantastic word garble her young son Jackson and her husky Aspen keep her busy!


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Baby Butz Parenting Tips, 5 Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored


Knowing When To Call The Doctor

Things like runny noses, stomachaches, and small rashes are pretty typical to see in children and should not be cause for alarm. However, there are some more concerning symptoms such as a high fever or spotty rash that can be downright dangerous to ignore.

Experts say that the best way to tell if your child needs a doctor is to watch their mannerisms and see if they have any dramatic behaviour changes. A child who is extremely sick will act sick, and most parents will be intune enough to know when a trip to the ER is needed.


photo credit: maessive via photopin cc

New parents may have a difficult time knowing what symptoms to look out for. We have included a list of the 5 most concerning symptoms that should be addressed right away.

1. High Fever That Does Not Respond To Tylenol

A fever is how the body fights off an infection, and it is a sign that your child’s immune system is hard at work. However, if your child has a lasting fever above 100 degrees that does not subside with tylenol then you should consider taking them in to the emergerncy or making an immediate appointment with your physician.

2. Full Body Rash

Little rashes on your child’s body will come and go, but if a red or purple rash does not go away and is all over your child’s body then that is a cause for concern. Rashes, that are accompanied by a fever should also be addressed because this could be a sign of Menigitis or Sepsis. You should also look out for any hive like rashes that are accompanied by swelling because these are most likely caused by an allergic reaction.

3. Throwing Up For An Extended Period of Time

Food poisooning and the stomach flu are two common illnessess that may cause your L.O to throw up. This can be concerning if it goes on for an extended period of time because it puts your child at risk of dehydration. It is reccomended that parents  take their child to the doctor if the throwing up proceeds for more than a day, or if the child begins to act lethargic.

4. Stiffening Of The Neck

If your child suddenly goes rigid or is experiencing a stiff neck, seek medical treatment immediatly. This is one of the most common indicators of Mengigitis, head trauma, or severe tonsil inflammation so you do not want to hesitate, head to the E.R to have them looked at right away. Very rarely will children get stiff necks for no reason.

5. A Headache

Unlike adults, children should not experience frequent head aches. If you L.O is communicating that their head hurts without an explanation (such as a bump or fall) then you will want to have them looked at right away. Older children, can be given tylenol for minor head aches but if the pain continues to bother them they should be taken in to see a doctor. If a child’s headache is so severe that it incapacitates them you should head to the E.R because it could be something very serious.



Brandie Michelle Peters is a full time blogger and work from home mom. When she isn’t writing fantastic word garble her young son Jackson and her husky Aspen keep her busy!


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Baby Butz Natural Parenting Issues, Is Bed Sharing Really THAT Controversial?


Baby Sleeping Baby Butz

photo credit: daisee via photopin cc

In The Bed Or In The Crib?, Is Family Co-sleep Really That Bad?

Bed sharing also known as co-sleeping is the practice of sleeping in the same bed with your child. This is one of the essential stereotypes associated with the natural parenting, attachment and holistic parenting movements. However, co-sleeping actually happens in most families at one point or another. Who doesn’t recall climbing into their parent’s bed in the middle of the night looking for comfort when they were young? Chances are you were also tucked into bed with mom and dad long before you can even remember it.

Some parenting experts strongly discourage bed-sharing stating that it is extremely dangerous and one of the leading causes of SIDS. On the other side of this argument are some traditionalists who believe that bed sharing is natural and the safest place for baby to be during the night. A recent statics poll stated that 80% of parents allow their child to sleep with them from infancy onwards at least “some of the time”.  Obviously, the practice of bed sharing and co-sleeping in North America is still alive and well. This is interesting however, because as more medical practitioners and maternity nurses have begun discouraging “co-sleep” habits fewer families have become open and forthright about their child’s at home sleep location.

In a 2013 article from Nurture Magazine titled Bed sharing: What does the Community Want? A survey discovered that about a third of mothers polled (out of 11,000) admitted to lying about their infants sleep location during the night when asked by a medical practitioner. Does this mean that everyone is sleeping with their babies and just telling their doctor that the L.O is being put in the crib? Although this may seem absolutely boggling to some, as more and more moms succumb to the pressure to do things “by the book” this kind of thing comes as no surprise. The truth is that most people don’t change their habits; they just change their story. As bed sharing become increasingly more “taboo” less people are willing to talk about it but this doesn’t mean that trends are changing.

Family Co-sleeping Baby Butz Blog

photo credit: D-Arb via photopin cc

One Blogger’s Experience With Infant Bed Sharing

I allowed my son to sleep with me for the first 8 months while I was breastfeeding because after mastering the art of the “feed and sleep” it just didn’t make sense to sacrifice my own rest if we could both sleep soundly in the same bed. I say this with all due respect to those who have lost an infant to SIDS; I just didn’t feel like the risk was really there once my husband and I became accustomed to having the L.O in bed with us. We both adjusted our sleep habits to accommodate our new little guest and had a very pleasant 8-month experience with co-sleeping. Once little Jack became an active little sleeper we began the gradual transition to the crib, mostly so that I could get through the night without being kicked in the face.

We never had a single problem or concern, and to this day it boggles me when people are surprised when we openly admit to co-sleeping for as long as we did. I know that the norm now is for nurses and doctors to advise parents to place baby in a cot or crib during the night. However, I would tell new moms to heed this recommendation with a grain of salt. Personally, I feel that co-sleeping although it may be increasingly less mainstream, is a fantastic and natural way to bond as a family. If you are breastfeeding then it will save you from losing hours of sleep every night putting baby (and your self) back to bed. Plus, it will make you a more “aware sleeper” who is vigilant and conscious of your L.O’s every move. Even now that Jack is out of our bed, I can still sense him toss and turn is his crib during the night. I always wake when I hear him and I can usually tell what he needs. I don’t know if this sixth sense came from co-sleeping or is just maternal instinct in general but for the most part I never about my baby during the night because for the earliest months he was closely tucked in beside me.

I wrote this blog on co-sleeping because I find it kind of shocking how often this is discouraged for new parents. I do understand that SIDs is a real tragedy when it happens. However, throughout the history of parenting bed sharing has been a common practice. Maybe, it isn’t for everyone but the bad rap that co-sleeping has received over the last decade is rather undeserved.

What are you thoughts on the natural parenting practice of co-sleeping yay or nay?
We would love to hear your thoughts of Facebook!

Baby Butz Blogger Brandie Peters


Brandie Michelle Peters is a full time blogger and work from home mom. When she isn’t writing fantastic word garble her young son Jackson and her husky aspen keep her busy!

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Save Money On Expensive Products, By Going All-Natural


Stop Wasting Your Money On Expensive Products With Huge Ingredients Lists

The average woman in Canada spends over $2000 dollars on beauty products in a year. This doesn’t really surprise me because there are so many products out there to choose from and most of the time you need to purchase and try them for your self in order to determine whether or not they actually work. What does this lead to? A cluttered bathroom full of useless products that have been used once or twice and then dismissed.

Now, that I have made the commitment to reduce the amount of toxic ingredients that my family and myself are exposed to and make only all natural purchases the amount of cosmetic products that actually qualify for this criteria have been dramatically reduced. The upside to this is the amount of money that I save not buying every miracle, lip plumping, hair thickening, anti-aging ointment that I come across. The bad news is that I know have to diligently research alternative natural beauty treatments and some of them aren’t the most universally appealing but they seem to work..

The Natural Approach:


An example of this is, I am now in my second month of using Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar to wash and condition my hair. Yes, like many claim this does work. However, it doesn’t smell so good, and if you do not rinse carefully you end up with baking soda dandruff. Yuck.

The one thing that I do really like about this system is that instead of buying a different products, with a complex ingredient list for every need that I have, I can choose simpler products and use them for multiple purposes. For instance the Apple Cider Vinegar that I’ve been using on my hair is also a fantastic, natural cleaner, facial toner, and cooking staple. It has one ingredient: Apple Cider Vinegar.

This saves me ton of money AND makes me feel good because I know exactly what it is I am exposing myself to.


Baby Butz, Diaper Rash Cream is One Example of A Natural and Versatile Product That You Can Buy

I mentioned in a previous blog post that diaper rash cream can be used to treat acne, sunburns and eczema! If you are suffering from one or more of these skin conditions, all you need is a natural zinc diaper rash cream! You really do not need to waste money on a unique product for each problem. Instead, by understanding the simple ingredients that are contained within the product that you are using you can trust that it will work and that it is safe for your body. This is a lot easier than attempting to navigate the labels at a drug store AND it is dramatically less costly! If you have made the resolution to reduce your spending in 2014, then consider looking into natural beauty treatments and alternative products with simple ingredient lists. This is a great way to inspire a healthier life and reduce the amount of money that you end up wasting on things that you don’t need.

Resources For Finding Affordable Natural Products:


DIY Beauty: What Beauty Tips Work And Which Don’t

My Homemade Hair Care Regimen

Homemade Beauty Products

I’M A GROWN WOMAN ADDICTED TO BABY BEAUTY PRODUCTS (i’d be sure to shop for all natural and organic though!)


Brandie Peters, is a full-time blogger and stay at home mom who resides in Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. Her son Jackson is 17 months old.

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Baby Butz: Common Skin Problems That Can Be Treated With Zinc!

Did You Know That Baby Butz Can Help With More Than Just Diaper Rashes?

If you are a mom, then chances are that you have bum cream on hand just in case your little one gets a diaper rash. However, did you know that the zinc content inside of the diaper rash cream has amazing healing properties that can also help to treat other common skin conditions even in adults? That’s right although it is commonly thought of as a product that is meant specifically for use on Babies, there really is no reason why Baby Butz diaper rash cream can’t be applied to the skin of an adult as well. In fact, diaper rash creams can actually be more effective at treating skin conditions such as sunburn, acne, and eczema as well as (if not better) than the over the counter treatments that are meant specifically for these conditions. This is because the primary ingredient in diaper rash ointment is Zinc. 

The zinc concentrate in a diaper rash cream like Baby Butz is much higher than the zinc content that you will find in most other remedial products. Zinc is a natural mineral substance with true skin healing capabilities so it only makes sense that it would work to treat these common problems. For this reason, moms who find themselves in a pinch and don’t want to run out to the drug store or are just look for an affordable and natural solution can use diaper rash cream to help soothe almost any common skin condition in your family.

You Can Try Using Baby Butz To Treat The Follow Skin Conditions:

 acne treatment tips


We mentioned in our previous article some unconventional uses for diaper rash cream and that zinc can be helpful for taking the redness out of inflamed pimples. It also can work on mild to severe acne outbreaks. Unlike other acne treatments diaper rash cream does not dry out the skin and cause peeling. Instead it actually helps to soothe and moisturize while reducing swelling and irritation.


sun burned lobster


If you or your child accidentally get sunburned or are suffering from heat rash, the zinc in Baby Butz diaper rash cream can be effective at reducing the pain and helping to jumpstart healing. Once again you can thank the healing properties of all natural zinc minerals for this!


dermatitis itchy diaper rash cream


There are several different types of dermatitis that people can suffer from. Some, dermatitis reactions are caused by direct contact with allergens. Others, such as eczema are caused by chronic skin conditions that are thought to be genetic. Although, severe dermatitis may require a prescribed treatment from physicians to clear, zinc containing diaper rash cream can still work for the temporary relief of symptoms such as itching and dryness.

Now That You Know How Amazing Baby Butz Can Be, Why Not Stock Up!?



Brandie Peters, is a full-time blogger and stay at home mom who resides in Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. Her son Jackson is 17 months old.


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