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Woman of Many Roles – Review

All my children have sensitive skin and thus have always been susceptible to diaper rashes.  Effective over-the-counter treatments have been hard to find, and prescription creams are expensive and not always convenient to acquire.  Baby Butz cream has been a lifesaver!

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WINNER of a 2014 Family Choice Award!

fca3Baby Butz cream wins another award!


“Baby Butz Diaper Cream”
is a WINNER of a 2014 Family Choice Award!

The “Family Choice Awards” recognize the best in children’s and
parenting products. Now in it’s 19th year, the “Family Choice
Award” is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer award programs
in the nation. Your award serves as our recommendation to families and
grants you permission to proudly display the award logo on your
marketing materials, packaging, social media and any other medium you

We want to convey our gratitude and recognition for producing an
extraordinary product that makes a positive difference in the lives of
our families.

Again, Congratulations!

Candace Evans,
Family Choice

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Baby Butz cream…Best diaper rash cream out there!

Best diaper rash cream out there! It’s the only cream that I use for my daughter
that actually works. I was given a sample through my doctor, and haven’t used a
different brand since. It instantly soothes and heals!

Stacy D.

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Calming baby and diaper rash

My sisters little one is in NICU right now and they use a product called Baby Butz. Sensitive enough for that premie skin and my brother in law says it works like a dream (I suppose it’s saying something when a male volunteers diaper rash cures voluntarily without prompting – he’s like a walking infomercial for the stuff, so funny!).


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Recommend it to everyone I know.

I first of all want to say you were missed this year at the baby times show in Toronto. I am a proud momma to say this miracle cream is the best. Not only do I use it on my two daughters little bum but on myself. I feel obligated to recommend it to everyone I know. I’m sad my one bottle has come close to empty and I wish the shoppers closest to me sold it. How do I go about getting your product in our stores?  Little bums out there should have the best.

From Kristine

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Steffanie & Gary Busey Testimonial

Gary Busey & Steffanie

My husband, Gary Busey and I received a jar of Baby Butz at an Academy Award gifting suite and we LOVE it!

When I received my first jar of baby butz, I had no idea it would be such an amazing cream. I have tried all the natural ones on the market because my little one has super sensitive skin. In fact one morning he woke up with the worst diaper rash I’d ever seen, he was red front and back and even on his legs, it looked so bad I thought I might have to take him to the doctor. I put baby butz on him and the red disappeared within hours and the next day you could barely even tell he had a rash. There is no cream like it and to top it off, it’s all natural.

xo Steffanie

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Tips to help your picky eater

funny-kid-pictures-3It seems once kids are old enough to speak, they start to voice their opinions when it comes to the food they are eating or in some cases not eating.  They look at what you have created and their faces change as their noses wrinkle up and mouths turn upside down. It is hard to feed them and coming up with new ways to trick them to eat healthy gets harder and harder. There are several easy to incorporate tips that you can easily adapt to help your eater eat better.

  1. Relax when it comes to meal time.
    It is important to understand that even if you have a picky eater, they are getting nourishment even if it seems like to you they are not.  Don’t worry if they have only eaten two meals a day instead of the recommended three meals.  Continue to tell yourself that you can relax at meal time and not make a big deal about it.
  2. Create a positive outlook and praise your child when they try new things.
    Sometimes trying new things can be scary for a child, by not making a big deal about it and having a relaxed approach may help them to try it. When they do give it a little taste, congratulate them for trying something new; offer it as a new adventure.
  3. Create kid friendly options.
    The Internet certainly allows for a lot of different search engines to locate fun and interesting ways to play with food. Making ships or creating funny faces gets kids excited about food in a whole different level. Kids often have taste buds that are more pronounced than adults and by changing the flavoring components kids are more likely to enjoy eating the items.
  4. Offer choices that make them feel like they are in control.
    By allowing them to pick between different plates (the blue plate or the green plate) or different forks to eat with they are feeling they are involved with the decisions and are less likely to not want to eat the food put on their plates.
  5. Have kids help.
    By having your kids help in the kitchen and in the store and in the garden, they get to be involved. By having them test things along the way and asking them what it might need and allow them to really get involved; they will enjoy trying the food they created and will want others to try it to.

Having picky kids can be challenging and overwhelming as you turn your wheels to get them to eat foods that are healthy for them but by following these easy to adapt tips, you can have an entirely different outlook on your kids eating patterns and meal times can be more enjoyable as a family.

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I want to tell everyone about your cream!!!!

Thank you so much for making this product!!!!
We have 10 1/2 month old twins
and I was very proud that they had never got a diaper rash. Then my daughter got
one, poor thing, it was so raw and sore!!! I noticed a difference with the first
application of Baby Butz!!! And within a day it was so so much better.

I want to tell everyone about your cream!!!!  I hope you are able to get it in more stores soon!

Ellie R



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Gifts You Can’t Buy At The Baby Registry

imagesCAS46VFEThe baby registry; what to scan, what to skip and what stores to include. With so many different options in different colors and patterns that the entire baby registry process can be quite overwhelming especially for new moms. What does your baby really need besides a loving home and gentle parents? Bottle warmers, wipe warmers, diaper holders, diaper cans, bottles, diapers, the list goes on and on and sometimes you have a hard time wrapping your brain around the entire thing. In this modern day it would be so nice if you could include the essence of time from your friends and family members on your registry instead of the commercialized products that you probably won’t use anyway.

  1. Premade meals
    Once your baby is born, your level of energy seems to decrease immensely as night time feedings and diaper changes become your new routine. It is so handy to have premade meals stocked up in your freezer waiting for that perfect moment to pop into your oven and enjoy. Having a well stocked freezer with meals would be a better gift then a wipe warmer.
  2. Spending time with new mom and baby
    Having a friend or family member take time out of their day to come and visit is surreal. New moms can get overwhelmed with the idea of not being able to go out and do the normal day to day things as having a baby and taking the new baby out can be quite an adjustment. By having a scheduled friend or family member visit, they can help mom do things around the house, talk to them about how things are going or just hold the baby for a little break.
  3. Offer to babysit
    New parents need to connect once the baby is at home and a perfect opportunity for that would be scheduled weekly visits from friends and family members who can easily watch the little one for a few hours while the two of you can step out and catch a movie or go out to dinner.

While setting up your baby registration or purchasing gifts for a baby shower, thinking about other things that new moms may need such as friendship and encouragement can be really helpful when the little one finally arrives.

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Tips about how to stay connected to your partner after you have a baby

imagesCAWU35LOWith dirty diapers, endless feedings, cuddling and nurturing, it is no wonder your partner may start to feel a little left out and hinder even resentment and jealous feelings.  When you bring your baby home, your baby needs you and their needs often do end up coming first before everyone else’s including your needs and the needs of your partners. Finding time to hang out with your partner after your baby is born can be challenging at first, but with a little effort from both parents; staying connected can be achieved. There are several easy tips that you can incorporate everyday that will allow you to reconnect with your partner.

  1. Put forth the effort
    Realizing right away that every relationship, no matter how big or small takes work to maintain and by acknowledging that it is going to take a little effort to have the relationship that you are looking for.
  2. Get up when your partner gets up to go to work and have a cup of coffee or tea.
    Getting up seems like a daunting task on days when you have been up all night changing diapers and feeding, but those extra 20 minutes of connection time in the morning make a difference in both of your days. After your spouse leaves, you can easily go back to bed.
  3. Schedule a weekly date every week on Sunday.
    Sit down on Sunday like you were scheduling and balancing the bills and make a date night for the upcoming week. Schedule a babysitter and get into a routine of writing it into your planner. It is just that important to take time together.
  4. Write sticky notes
    Probably the easiest to do and the most effective. Writing a note and sticking it to the mirror or putting a note in their lunchboxes or hiding them in places they would normally look; makes them feel loved and special.
  5. Text them throughout the day
    Similar to writing notes, sending a text message throughout the day will also help you to reconnect.
  6. Have dinner on the table to sit down and chat about the day and the upcoming events
    The meal certainly doesn’t have to be fancy, just have it ready when they arrive. If you are running late, cut up and onion and sauté them in butter on the stove. The aroma of the onions cooking will be enough to tide them over until the rest of the meal can be completed.

It doesn’t matter what things you do together, it is just a matter of getting up and doing it. Your relationship depends on it!

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