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Baby Butz, Natural and Nurturing


This year Baby Butz diaper rash cream was proudly was honored with a 2014 Family Choice award. The “Families’ Choice Award” recognizes the best in children’s and parenting products in the country. Once again, our all-natural diaper cream has gained notoriety as fantastic option for Canadian families.

What Makes Baby Butz So Unique

One of thing that sets Baby Butz diaper rash cream apart from the competitors is our dedication to offering a substance for babies that is both nurturing and natural. Many, large corporations prefer to focus primarily on the bottom-line. They have no problem misleading consumers by presenting their products as “natural” and “healthy” without offering the supportive evidence to the back up these claims. By choosing to include ingredients in their products for children that are not beneficial for their health, or necessary for the function of the product. These actions prove that these companies’ care only about financial gain and not the health of future generations.

Even though it is ultimately left up to the parent to make the right purchase choice for their family, misleading advertisements and claims can often skew the understanding of an uninformed consumer.

babybutzlogoBaby Butz Is Different!

By being candid about our ingredient list, and proudly displaying our NPN Label on the side of every container sold, Baby Butz does our duty to assure parents that the ingredients in our products are both nurturing and natural. We back our “claims” with proven science and clearly defined ingredients. Read Our Full List of Ingredients Here..

Whether you are a concerned parent, or just a curious consumer, you can find all of the information that you need regarding Baby Butz on our website. We put in the extra time and attention to make sure that our product exceeds your expectations for what a diaper cream should be!

By doing this we can meet the needs of all-natural mom’s, children with special allergens, chronic diaper rash sufferers and anyone else who finds our product beneficial.

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bloggerbrandieBrandie Peters is a full time blogger from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. She is a self-described baby wrangling; wifey badger who enjoys walks with her rescue dog Aspen and taking care of her son Jackson.

She has been using only all natural baby products for a year and half now.











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Positive Self-esteem and Body Image Starts Early

Mom and Child Baby Butz

legends2k via photopin cc

Physical Contact with your little one is normal, natural, and healthy!

We know that physical skin on skin contact with your child is vital to their development. One of the main reasons for this is because it promotes both positive self-esteem and positive body image. Believe it or not when you are kissing your L.O’s teeny toes or tickling their sweet little belly, you are instilling self-esteem and self-awareness into their brains. Through your physical actions of affection your child learns about the natural sensation of human contact. They begin to mold their own opinions about themselves early on, understanding that they are loved, valued, and important.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT that parents touch their child in a way that is nurturing, caring and healthy. Even during unpleasant experiences like changing a poopy stink bomb keeping a calm and caring disposition can do wonders for your child’s understanding of their body’s natural function. If you can treat those “poo-poos” like they are natural (because they are!). Your baby will have a more positive association with bathroom habits in the future. – When you treat “poo-poos” and “pee-pees” like they are shameful and wrong, this gives your child the wrong idea about these natural things. In fact emotionally sensitive L.O’s may interpret Mom or Dad’s displeasure with diaper duties as being disinclination towards them (the baby). This can actually have an effect on your babies’ early self-esteem development as they begin to mold an understanding of the world around them.

Baby Butz Parents Kissing Baby

surlygirl via photopincc

Even if you do not believe in this, trust in the fact that your L.O prefers to be touched by you in all situations. Baby Butz, does not come in a spray because we strongly believe that physically applying diaper rash cream to your babies’ bottom is absolutely normal and natural.

We encourage parents to make diaper changing a warm and welcoming experience that is healthy and safe for your child. Try to think of it is a one on one opportunity for calm physical contact and bonding between baby and caretaker. Gentle diaper changes establish trust and caring. – If you don’t believe that applying the diaper cream by hand is the better way to go. Try spraying a cold substance on your own rear end while you are lying there innocently…

Help Heal Your L.O’s Diaper Rash With Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream!  

bloggerbrandieBrandie Peters is a full time blogger from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. She is a self-described baby wrangling; wifey badger who enjoys walks with her rescue dog Aspen and taking care of her son Jackson who is now 16months old.

She has been using only all natural baby products for a year and half now.

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Baby Butz, Why NPN Matters

Confused about NPN Baby Butz

Understanding Food Labeling and Advertising In Canada

To further explain NPN licensing as well as other product advertising and labeling in Canada we can look directly at the: Guide To Labeling and Advertising Food Page located directly on the Government Of Canada Website. This is an important resource for parents who are interested in introducing more all-natural products into their family’s lifestyle. Basically this guide explains in detail all of the legal elements that are taken into consideration when products advertise their ingredients. It clarifies what must be included; to make a certain claim as well as what specific licensing and certification that Health Canada offers to guarantee the ingredients list of certain substances:

“The Guide provides information on food labeling and advertising requirements as well as policies which apply to statements and claims made for foods, including alcoholic beverages. As such, it is a tool to assist industry in compliance with legislation and consumer protection. Food claims which adhere to the guidelines set out in this document are considered to comply with the provisions set out in the Food and Drugs Act (FDA) and the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR), the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act (CPLA) and Regulations (CPLR) and other relevant legislation.”- Reason For Guide, Government Of Canada Labeling and Advertising

magnify baby butz npn

Natural Product Number, Why It Matters

Everyone has there own personal reasons for buying what they buy and choosing to use the products that they use. The reason why I’ve decided to choose all-natural products with my son is because of skin allergens that run in the family as well as other health concerns. I believe that all natural products are just better for us and that is why I buy them when I can.

Whether you agree with this idea or not you still have the right to know WHAT IS IN YOUR PRODUCTS!!!?

We know that Marketing and advertising can be misleading. This is why there needs to be legal regulations that protect people from the marketing agendas.Having ALL ingredients listed on the packaging of products and then to have that list of ingredients confirmed by the government regulated food and drug administration is important. And it helps people make better health choices for themselves and their families. 

NPN Label Baby ButzBaby Butz Diaper Rash Cream Proudly Displays A NPN Label

With so many manufactures making-misleading health claims NPN (Natural Product Number) labels are extremely helpful.

Baby Butz, diaper rash cream is the only NPN labeled bum cream available in Canada, and it proudly displays this mark with a fully inclusive ingredient list. The dedicated individuals behind Baby Butz believe in the health benefits of all-natural products and support mothers who want to give their children a good start in life by using only health approved products.

Did You Know That You Can Buy Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream Online?

bloggerbrandieBrandie Peters is a full time blogger from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. She is a self-described baby wrangling; wifey badger who enjoys walks with her rescue dog Aspen and taking care of her son Jackson.

She has been using only all natural baby products for a year and half now.

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Baby Butz, Diaper Rash Cream, is One of A Kind!

magnify baby butz npn

Baby Butz Is The Only Diaper Rash Cream In Canada With An Natural Product Number! (NPN)

NPN Label Baby ButzRemember a few days ago when we were talking about the marketing gimmicks used to mislead customers? Well, if you live in Canada there is an easy way to avoid this. The NPN (Natural Product Number) is a licensed label that is issued by health Canada to product manufactures who submit their ingredients lists for testing. If, a product is wearing an NPN certified number on their packaging then you can rest assured that the product has been approved by Health Canada AND is composed of naturally occurring substances that have not been modified chemically.

Baby Butz Proudly Displays A NPN Label

It wasn’t to long ago that we shared with you our easy to follow guide on Organic Vs. Natural. It is important that customers note that Baby Butz is all-natural NOT ORGANIC. We place emphasis on this fact because we want people to understand that the word “Organic” does not always mean safe and healthy.  Organic substances can be anything that was once natural but has been processed somehow to change its chemistry (usually to make it last longer.) Organic items can also be substances that are innately unsafe or even harmful to your baby.

Natural substances, as qualified by Health Canada’s NPN standards must be naturally occurring in nature. They must be unprocessed (in a natural state) within the product or food. For example the Zinc element, an ingredient included in our Baby Butz, comes from mineral deposits in the earth. It is found naturally in foods that we eat, and in the earth that surrounds us. Consuming zinc is not only harmless, but also beneficial to our health. It is considered a natural substance because it does have to be overly processed to use as an ingredient.


The Only Natural Bum Cream In Canada

Without tooting our own horn, we feel that it is important for parent consumers in Canada to know that Baby Butz is the only baby diaper rash cream that is decorated with this NPN label.  Although, other diaper rash products may include similar ingredients, Baby Butz is the only one that has been evaluated as 100% all natural based on it’s ingredients list.

If you are concerned about your babies’ exposure to harmful substances or just trying to introduce more all-natural products into your home Baby Butz is a fantastic choice. Even if you aren’t strictly all-natural Baby Butz’ comes highly recommended from pediatricians because of it’s healing properties.

 Find Out More About Baby Butz 100% All-Natural Diaper Rash Cream

bloggerbrandieBrandie Peters is a full time blogger from Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. She is a self-described baby wrangling; wifey badger who enjoys walks with her rescue dog Aspen and taking care of her son Jackson who is now 16months old.

She has been using only all natural baby products for a year and half now.

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WINNER of a 2014 Family Choice Award!

fca3Baby Butz cream wins another award!


“Baby Butz Diaper Cream”
is a WINNER of a 2014 Family Choice Award!

The “Family Choice Awards” recognize the best in children’s and
parenting products. Now in it’s 19th year, the “Family Choice
Award” is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer award programs
in the nation. Your award serves as our recommendation to families and
grants you permission to proudly display the award logo on your
marketing materials, packaging, social media and any other medium you

We want to convey our gratitude and recognition for producing an
extraordinary product that makes a positive difference in the lives of
our families.

Again, Congratulations!

Candace Evans,
Family Choice

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Baby Butz cream…Best diaper rash cream out there!

Best diaper rash cream out there! It’s the only cream that I use for my daughter
that actually works. I was given a sample through my doctor, and haven’t used a
different brand since. It instantly soothes and heals!

Stacy D.

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Calming baby and diaper rash

My sisters little one is in NICU right now and they use a product called Baby Butz. Sensitive enough for that premie skin and my brother in law says it works like a dream (I suppose it’s saying something when a male volunteers diaper rash cures voluntarily without prompting – he’s like a walking infomercial for the stuff, so funny!).


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Recommend it to everyone I know.

I first of all want to say you were missed this year at the baby times show in Toronto. I am a proud momma to say this miracle cream is the best. Not only do I use it on my two daughters little bum but on myself. I feel obligated to recommend it to everyone I know. I’m sad my one bottle has come close to empty and I wish the shoppers closest to me sold it. How do I go about getting your product in our stores?  Little bums out there should have the best.

From Kristine

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Steffanie & Gary Busey Testimonial

Gary Busey & Steffanie

My husband, Gary Busey and I received a jar of Baby Butz at an Academy Award gifting suite and we LOVE it!

When I received my first jar of baby butz, I had no idea it would be such an amazing cream. I have tried all the natural ones on the market because my little one has super sensitive skin. In fact one morning he woke up with the worst diaper rash I’d ever seen, he was red front and back and even on his legs, it looked so bad I thought I might have to take him to the doctor. I put baby butz on him and the red disappeared within hours and the next day you could barely even tell he had a rash. There is no cream like it and to top it off, it’s all natural.

xo Steffanie

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Tips to help your picky eater

funny-kid-pictures-3It seems once kids are old enough to speak, they start to voice their opinions when it comes to the food they are eating or in some cases not eating.  They look at what you have created and their faces change as their noses wrinkle up and mouths turn upside down. It is hard to feed them and coming up with new ways to trick them to eat healthy gets harder and harder. There are several easy to incorporate tips that you can easily adapt to help your eater eat better.

  1. Relax when it comes to meal time.
    It is important to understand that even if you have a picky eater, they are getting nourishment even if it seems like to you they are not.  Don’t worry if they have only eaten two meals a day instead of the recommended three meals.  Continue to tell yourself that you can relax at meal time and not make a big deal about it.
  2. Create a positive outlook and praise your child when they try new things.
    Sometimes trying new things can be scary for a child, by not making a big deal about it and having a relaxed approach may help them to try it. When they do give it a little taste, congratulate them for trying something new; offer it as a new adventure.
  3. Create kid friendly options.
    The Internet certainly allows for a lot of different search engines to locate fun and interesting ways to play with food. Making ships or creating funny faces gets kids excited about food in a whole different level. Kids often have taste buds that are more pronounced than adults and by changing the flavoring components kids are more likely to enjoy eating the items.
  4. Offer choices that make them feel like they are in control.
    By allowing them to pick between different plates (the blue plate or the green plate) or different forks to eat with they are feeling they are involved with the decisions and are less likely to not want to eat the food put on their plates.
  5. Have kids help.
    By having your kids help in the kitchen and in the store and in the garden, they get to be involved. By having them test things along the way and asking them what it might need and allow them to really get involved; they will enjoy trying the food they created and will want others to try it to.

Having picky kids can be challenging and overwhelming as you turn your wheels to get them to eat foods that are healthy for them but by following these easy to adapt tips, you can have an entirely different outlook on your kids eating patterns and meal times can be more enjoyable as a family.

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