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7 Money Saving Clothing Tips For New Parents

Perhaps the biggest problem with baby clothes is that they don’t last. Not because they wear out, but because your baby quickly out grows them.

Keep in mind these seven tips while you plan your baby clothes shopping:

1. Purchase a Larger Size

Babies grow fast, and you’ll be wasting money if you buy perfect fitting clothes because they’ll soon be too small. Buying a larger size will extend the amount of time your baby can wear them.

2. What will the weather be like?

If you see a really great deal on out of season clothes and you want to stock up make sure that you are aware of how big your baby will be when that season comes around again. This might be tricky for a first time parent, but it will get easier with time.

3. Ease of use.

Finding cute baby clothes that are hard to resist can be easy, but think of how difficult those clothes are to put your baby in.  I remember having a really cute sleeper with an animal on the front.  I loved the outfit because it was so cute but when it was time to put it on baby, it was difficult because it zippered up the back. If an outfit will be difficult for you to put on your baby you might not use it more than once or twice and that would be a waste of money.

4. Pack an extra set

When you are out with baby make sure to pack an extra outfit in your diaper bag. You never know when there is going to be a clothing emergency. Not only do you have to worry about your baby spitting up and drooling all over the outfit, but you also have to be prepared in case their diaper gushes all over the place.  Unfortunately I remember a situation just like that. You might ask, how does this save me money – think about it this way if you were on your way to visit someone and one of these things happened you may not have time to go all the way home, and you would be stuck running into a store to buy a new outfit and spending money that you were not prepared to.

5. Look for the clearance section

Usually this section is in the back of the department. Not only do they sell out of season styles there, but sometimes you can get some great deals on one of a kind items and even unmatched items such as shirts without the matching pants. Also some stores will have even more markdowns due to sales that will be calculated once you go through the register. This can be a great savings.

6. Hand Me Downs

Like we mentioned earlier clothes don’t last long for kids and it is usually because they outgrew them not that they wore them out.  Chances are you have either friends or family who have children that are about the same age as your own. When they offer to pass down the clothes that their children have grown out of say yes :)

7. Selling or trading clothes your child has grown out of

There are many stores that pay cash for good used clothes and other baby items. You probably have a store in your local community where they sell gently used clothing and other children’s items.  You can also list your items on ebay or kijiji to try to recoup some of your money back. These stores are also great places where you may find some gems to purchase for your child.

These are just my ideas on how you can save some money when it comes to  kids clothes, perhaps you have some other ideas that you would like to share… I would love to hear what your secrets are.  Please leave a comment below and share your ideas.

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