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Why it is important to get out of the house?

Tired mom on couch


As a mom, sometimes it feels that it is just easier to stay inside.  Things have changed a lot for you, no longer is it just you that has to get ready to go somewhere.  Now you have to bring extra clothes, diapers, wipes, hats, blankets…. The list is endless.


What many people don’t know is that getting outside is actually a very good thing for your overall health and the health of your baby.

The sun has some amazing benefits to offer us such as:

  1. It kills microbes (that is why it is so good to put carpets and blankets out in the sun that can’t be washed)
  2. Lightly tanned skin is more resistant to infections and sun burning (some skin diseases are actually improved or even cured with controlled exposure to the sun)
  3. It improves our mood by stimulating endorphins (the feel good hormones)
  4. It helps to combat insomnia – exposure to the sun during the day helps to produce more melatonin at night (which is the sleeping hormone)
  5. Sunlight helps us to incorporate Vitamin D which then makes it possible to absorb calcium in the intestines
  6. Vitamin D and related compounds have been shown to slow the development of some cancer cells – that leads us to say that the sun helps to fights disease
  7. Exposure strengthens the cardiovascular system, as well as the circulatory system.
  8. It strengthens liver function (hence why it helps to treat jaundice in our babies)
  9. The sun helps the kidneys do part of their job, because when we sweat we release waste through our skin.
  10. It will help to increase metabolic rate as it stimulates the thyroid thus helping you loose weight
  11. It can ease the symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome
  12. The sun is also very good at healing swollen joints during inflammation caused by arthritis

mom and baby in park


Sunlight is so important for your mood, energy, and sleep. Make it a point to leave the house at least once a day, even if it’s

just to sit in the backyard, or to walk around the block.

I realize that although you know the benefits, it may still be difficult to convince you that going outside is worth the trouble. I challenge your for the month of June to get out of your house everyday, and to soak up some of the sun’s rays.

Perhaps you can find a mom in your neighbourhood who you can partner with and encourage each other to stick to the plan.  The important thing about the relationship with your build with the other mom is to make sure you don’t help each other find excuses to avoid going outside. Instead help find excuses to get outside.

If you really need help to stay on track and you have an older child at home with you, you can tell them that you will be going to the park everyday in June.  You know they will hold you to it rain or shine :)

In order to change habits it takes dedication and repetition.  Let’s do this together!

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