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Why it is important to get out of the house?

Tired mom on couch


As a mom, sometimes it feels that it is just easier to stay inside.  Things have changed a lot for you, no longer is it just you that has to get ready to go somewhere.  Now you have to bring extra clothes, diapers, wipes, hats, blankets…. The list is endless.


What many people don’t know is that getting outside is actually a very good thing for your overall health and the health of your baby.

The sun has some amazing benefits to offer us such as:

  1. It kills microbes (that is why it is so good to put carpets and blankets out in the sun that can’t be washed)
  2. Lightly tanned skin is more resistant to infections and sun burning (some skin diseases are actually improved or even cured with controlled exposure to the sun)
  3. It improves our mood by stimulating endorphins (the feel good hormones)
  4. It helps to combat insomnia – exposure to the sun during the day helps to produce more melatonin at night (which is the sleeping hormone)
  5. Sunlight helps us to incorporate Vitamin D which then makes it possible to absorb calcium in the intestines
  6. Vitamin D and related compounds have been shown to slow the development of some cancer cells – that leads us to say that the sun helps to fights disease
  7. Exposure strengthens the cardiovascular system, as well as the circulatory system.
  8. It strengthens liver function (hence why it helps to treat jaundice in our babies)
  9. The sun helps the kidneys do part of their job, because when we sweat we release waste through our skin.
  10. It will help to increase metabolic rate as it stimulates the thyroid thus helping you loose weight
  11. It can ease the symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome
  12. The sun is also very good at healing swollen joints during inflammation caused by arthritis

mom and baby in park


Sunlight is so important for your mood, energy, and sleep. Make it a point to leave the house at least once a day, even if it’s

just to sit in the backyard, or to walk around the block.

I realize that although you know the benefits, it may still be difficult to convince you that going outside is worth the trouble. I challenge your for the month of June to get out of your house everyday, and to soak up some of the sun’s rays.

Perhaps you can find a mom in your neighbourhood who you can partner with and encourage each other to stick to the plan.  The important thing about the relationship with your build with the other mom is to make sure you don’t help each other find excuses to avoid going outside. Instead help find excuses to get outside.

If you really need help to stay on track and you have an older child at home with you, you can tell them that you will be going to the park everyday in June.  You know they will hold you to it rain or shine :)

In order to change habits it takes dedication and repetition.  Let’s do this together!

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Is it important for your baby to spend time on the floor?

Spending time on the floor for your baby is an important part of their development. There have been many articles written about this very topic, and there are many different thoughts about what position is right. Many experts are saying that tummy time is very important, and yet there are those who believe that it is not the right way to go.  It comes down to what are the benefits of tummy time and are there other ways to accomplish the same end result?

baby on tummyFirst let’s talk about what the act of tummy time accomplishes for your baby

  • During the first months of life it will help them develop their neck muscles
  • This will allow them to hold their head up
  • That will then allow them to build the muscles in their backs. This will help them with rolling and sitting
  • Once they start pushing themselves up off the floor they will be developing their shoulders, arms and hand muscles.

Because your baby will be moving at their own pace, they will be learning how to control their muscles and develop their balance as well.

This is like a full upper body workout for your baby.

This then leads us to the next question, are there other ways to accomplish the same end result? For some babies they are not happy with spending time on their tummies and who can blame them? It is a lot of work to keep your face up off the floor without the muscles to support you. One way to help your child accomplish the goals we talked about earlier is to lie on your back or sit in a recliner and place your baby on their tummy against you.

  • Once your baby develops more control of their head and neck they may feel more comfortable on their tummies on the floor

You might actually want to encourage your baby to enjoy their tummy time even though they don’t seem to like it. Here are a few things to try.

  • Join your baby on the floor

Get down on your tummy and try to get your baby to look at you, play peek-a-boo, shake a rattle, make faces

  • Prop them up on a pillow or a rolled towel under them till they gain more muscles
  • Prop a visually stimulating book up in their view
  • Put a mirror up for them to look at themselves
  • Use your exercise ball to help them get used to their tummy
  • Hold them on the ball tummy down and gently rock them back and forth on the ball.



If your baby gets very agitated with tummy time, make sure to take it slowly.  Try one of these tips, then if your baby gets upset, take a break and do something else that they enjoy. This should be fun for both of you.



Some infants absolutely hate tummy time, or perhaps you don’t think it is a good idea in the first place. Having time to play on the floor while your baby is on their back is good as well.
baby on back

  • Shake rattles and visually stimulating toys and have them follow the toy with their heads
  • Hold toys of interest above them and let them grab onto them, then let them track the toy to a place on the floor just out of reach
  • This will allow them to attempt to reach the toy that has engaged them.
  • Babies are very persistent when they are trying to get something they want.
  • They will try to reach it, and when they realize it is out of reach they will start moving their bodies to find a way to get to it.
  • This may result in shifting their whole body to get closer or they may even attempt to roll to get it.

This will also help them to build strong muscles that will allow them to roll over, crawl and sit up.

Regardless of your beliefs about “tummy time” everyone believes that babies need to have time on the floor free to explore their bodies and develop their abilities.

What are some of your favourite games that you play with your baby while they are on the floor? Please leave your comments below.

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WOW! Creations Sends Baby Swag Bag to Celebrate Jessica Simpson First Baby Girl

Here is an image of the Swag Bag that was put together by WOW! Creations.

This lovely gift from WOW! Creations for Jessica Simpson and her first baby girl, included a jar of Baby Butz Diaper Rash Cream.

Our Diaper Rash Cream has received glowing reviews from everyone who has had the opportunity to try it. Since hitting the market, Baby Butz cream has been gifted to many of the stars, as well as friends and family of those around you.

We receive many emails, letters and updates on our Facebook fan page, and through Twitter letting us know how Baby Butz cream has helped each and every family.

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Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Thursday night at the Winnipeg Convention Centre I was there as a finalist for Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. I won.

My category was for the Lifetime  Achievement Award for having been in business for 25 years, the business being the Hair Do Zoo, a specialty childrens hairstyling salon I started in has it been that long? a blink of an eye. Of course I am honored to receive this prestigious award.. but I am thinking..whoa, whoa just a minute..I am not done yet! Sometimes it may feel like a lifetime but I have so much more to accomplish. I developed this miracle cream and called it Baby Butz..I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t make this product and its helping so many other families..this…is my true reward…every time I get a thank you email or testimonial its like receiving an award

So I am thinking…maybe they (the Womens Business Owners of Manitoba) should make another one and keep it warm for me..I ain’t done yet!

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Woman Entrepreneur of The Year Award Winners

Winner – Lifetime Achievement
Majda Ficko, Hair Do Zoo & Olen Cosmetics Corporation

Sponsor: City of Winnipeg

In 1987, Majda Ficko’s Hair Do Zoo was the only children’s hair salon in Canada. Child-sized furniture, fun décor and animal chairs all keep kids happy so they’ll stay calm while getting a great haircut from specialized stylists who only work on kids.

To complement the hair salon, Majda started Olen Cosmetics to formulate and manufacture all-natural products for babies and children. Her most notable product is Baby Butz diaper cream, developed to care for her severely disabled child. It’s now licensed by Health Canada, and has been included in celebrity gifting suites at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards

To see Baby Butz Cream’s Wall, follow the link below:

Women Business Owners of Manitoba

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Woman’s journey has her up for two major awards

JR Martinez and wife Diana Jones baby shower. L.A. March 17/2012East St. Paul resident Majda Ficko has been nominated for two major awards because of her ventures in the business world.

Ficko is up for woman of the year entrepreneur award from the Women Business Owners of Manitoba (WBOM) as well as a woman of distinction award from the YWCA/YMCA. She explained it is because of her business Hair Do Zoo, which has been in business for 25 years in Winnipeg, as well as growing another business from that which qualified her to be a finalist for these two awards.


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Majda Ficko

Hair Do Zoo/ Olen Cosmetics Corporation/ Baby Butz cream




Majda Ficko- President and Founder of Hair Do Zoo and Olen Cosmetics Corporation- Declared Finalist in Provincial Awards in Canada


Winnipeg, MB. Canada – The Women Business Owners of Manitoba (WBOM) are proud to announce,

Majda Ficko owner of The Hair Do Zoo and Olen Cosmetics Corporation has been declared among 30 Finalists in the 2012 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards!  This annual gala event puts the spotlight on the successes and achievements of women entrepreneurs in Manitoba. The dinner, to be MC’d by Gord Leclerc and Leah Hextahl from CTV, will take place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on Thursday, May 17th. The finalists’ names are public, however the winners are not revealed until the evening itself.

This year’s 30 finalists come from across the province, and represent businesses as diverse as a jewelry design, spas, holistic medicine and of course, Specialty children’s hairstyling salons called The Hair Do Zoo  and Olen Cosmetics Corporation maker of Winnipeg’s  famous Baby Butz cream

 Majda Ficko, a mother of Invention and Innovation, opened Hair Do Zoo, Canada’s first specialty children’s hairstyling salon in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1987, and this year, they are celebrating their 25th anniversary!

 Olen Cosmetics Corporation, another of Ficko’s companies, manufactures the famous all-natural diaper rash cream, Baby Butz, that she had made for her ailing son. See the full story,


“Manitoba is rich with women entrepreneurs whose stories are inspiring,” said Lucy Camara, President of WBOM and Vice-President of Olatech Business Hosting Corporation. “Anyone in business knows how tough it can be to keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive when the bills are mounting and the challenges exceed the triumphs – but when you believe in your business, in the vision you’re realizing your passion fuels your strength to carry on.”

Women represent a growing economic force in Canada:

  • Women entrepreneurs are one of the fastest growing segments of the Canadian economy: 4 out of 5 businesses are started by women; between 1991 and 2001, women’s self-employment increased by 43%.
  • The 821,000+ women entrepreneurs in Canada annually contribute in excess of $18 billion to the economy.
  • The number of women-owned businesses that focus on manufacturing, construction, transportation and communications is growing rapidly.


A full listing of finalists is available online at


Majda Ficko

Hair Do Zoo/ Olen Cosmetics

Corporation/ Baby Butz cream


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Women of Distinction Awards

- May 2/2012 at the Winnipeg Convention Center


Almost 1,000 people in attendance, 97 nominees!

I was a nominee and that was an honor in of itself.

I want to thank Barbara Bowes, my nominator, who herself is a past recipient of the WOD award

The awards are for recognising the amazing women in Winnipeg and acknowledging their contributions to the community. I congratulate the winners.

But mostly I want to thank the event coordinators… (They were a hoot) I had a great time and my husband loves to attend these events…he didn’t care if I won…as long as he gets a free dinner out of it.

I wasn’t nervous and it wasn’t difficult…I am just glad I wasn’t one of the judges…it couldn’t have been easy, so many were deserving of the award.  After being nominated I was also recognised by Joyce Bateman, M.P. of Winnipeg South Centre.  I would like to share the letter that I received from her with you as well.

Click here to see the letter

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