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Keeping Your Baby Safe

As a new mom, you probably hear all kinds of tips and
tricks on how to take care of your baby, as well as horror stories from those
that did something wrong, or know someone who did.

Unfortunately, every situation is different, and what
works for one doesn’t always work for everyone. While advice is helpful,
keeping your baby safe is something that you’re going to have to figure out on
your own.

With some things there are laws to protect your baby,
such as car seat laws and such, but when it comes to harsh chemicals, such as
diaper creams or even things in your food, there seems to be little regulation.
Sometime the very thing you use to prevent things like diaper rash are what
causes it in the first place.

Baby Butz cream is different. It’s made from all
natural ingredients and is fragrance and alcohol free so that you can feel safe
that not only will it cure your baby’s diaper rash, it will make their skin
feel better than if they never got it in the first place. Don’t make rash decisions
about your diaper creams. Use only the best for your baby.

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