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Does Baby Powder Cure Diaper Rash?

Often we hear and read things that seem like a good
idea at the time to cure common ailments such as diaper rash, but don’t realize
that they’re actually making things worse.

One of these things is baby powder. For a long time,
many mothers used this as a cure for diaper rash, and some people will still
tell you today that it is the best solution. What they don’t realize is that
baby powder actually does the opposite of what is necessary to cure diaper

Baby powder, as most powders are, is actually drying
to the skin, although it doesn’t seem so initially. Diaper rash needs thick and
rich moisture in order to be cured or soothed. Creams such as Baby Butz cream
perform this action, while baby powder does not.

Just because it’s been a home remedy for so long does
not mean it’s a reliable cure. If you’re looking for something to instantly get
rid of your baby’s raw and red skin, you should give up on the baby powder and
try something proven to work such as Baby Butz cream. Trust me, you’re baby
will thank you for it.

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