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Loved By Moms

Baby Butz cream, is the best cream that I have tried on my daughter. She had a diaper rash and I used Baby Butz cream on her and within a day her rash was clearing up. All the other creams weren’t working and my friend told me about Baby Butz cream.

The product is made locally and it is inexpensive. I will recommend this diaper cream to all my friends who have children. I wish this cream was around when my son was younger as he was prone to diaper rashes.
Leigh Melville Lachance

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Loved By Moms

Baby Butz cream is amazing! My son has cute rolls but they get real red  in the folds; a little bit [of Baby Butz] rubbed in and by the next day  it’s gone! I put this cream on after every change and it sure  makes changing easy to clean. The best part is we can all use it! It  works fabulous on my exzema and my stepson’s pimples. I’m definitely  putting this in every baby gift for my friends and family. Thank you!
Neemee Batstone

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Trusted By Doctors

Testimonial from Doctor Janet Grabowski:

I am the Pediatrician who has cared for Demitri since birth. Unfortunately, Demitri has significant medical issues and is unable to take food by mouth. He needs to be fed a liquid diet by a tube that goes into his stomach. He is fed overnight. He is also unable to do his own toileting, therefore must be in a diaper.

Demitri’s mother, Majda, developed a cream specifically to help Demitri’s significant diaper rashes. Because of his feeds overnight, he has a wet and dirty diaper every morning and was getting very signiciant rashes. None of the typical diaper rash creams helped him. The cream Demitri’s mother developed, however, has kept the skin in his diaper healthy. Since she has been using it, Demitri has never come in with a diaper rash. Mother has also used it around the site where his feeding tube goes into his stomach and the skin in this area has also always looked healthy since she started using her cream.

Majda has now developed and is marketing this cream as Baby Butz and because of its success with Demitri I am recommending it to my patients.



Janet Grabowski, B.Sc.(Med.), M.D.,

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